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occasional drawer, writer and scanlator🖊️丨@HanayoAmazV2 is a queen🧀💛丨carefree #KTBFFH #CFC⚽️💙丨1st year juris doctor🎓丨pixiv.net/users/6374926

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ur a queen and don't let nobody tell you otherwise

definitely my closest friend on here, we talk week in week out and i never get bored. your personality really cheers me up, and it feels like i can tell you about anything. hopefully we can meet up this year or the next

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dia kurosawa drawing

POV: you are an insignificant little bean and dia-chan is eating you up

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commission for @MiserysHK416

saten from railgun wearing sporting KC apparel on the inside as well as the outside

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didn't win. oh well

this was my entry

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translation for oregairu 84 finally finished. we move

once i'm done editing it it'll be released

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yozakura drawing. trying out the senran kagura style of coloring, with a few of my own twists
#閃乱カグラ #senrankagura

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