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Sorry for expressing in such a way but: If HBO Max gets to renew Sabrina but not Infinity Train


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I'm on vacation, I'll be back tp home on the 6th.

So, Please No Sabrina and Cobra Kai Spoilers, NONE! I will only be able to watch one episode a day starting January 1st. I'll go slow and on the 7th I start with my habit of seeing more than one chapter.

Thank you! 💜

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By chance of fate, I have a tablet at my disposal (it doesn't belong to me) and I discovered that with it I can play LiS!

I can finally use the use of free camera!!! I will play it little by little and the pictures that I take I will share here ❤️

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You're Welcome!!! 💚💚💚

And yeah, I know, but hey! I assure you that there are people who do appreciate and love Warren like we do, And we just have to focus on that, not on haters who just waste time hating. Thank you very much for your comment!

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I'm here starting to draw something cute for my boy Warren's birthday. I hope to have it ready for tomorrow!

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WOW!!! I LOVE IT!!! (I loved the crown 'cause it magic/witch touch goes very according to me UwU) Although the guns aren't really my thing. But still, I LOVE IT!!

“your name” fantasy gown
“your name” fantasy crown
“your name” fantasy weapon https://t.co/odl9Swkjft https://t.co/XzuYIa9C3A

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I was tagged twice, so here's another GIF and with two of my favorite LiS characters because why not? 😉❤💚

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Sin decir tu edad, postea 3 de tus primeros crushes.

Curiosamente no tengo tantos crushes. Pero estos 3 UUUUFFFF, los amaba y los sigo amando.

Ahora: alguien me puede decir si tengo algún patrón? Porque de estos 3 no lo encuentro. SON MUY DIFERENTES!!! https://t.co/03Fc4Z14Ie

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