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Hi! My name is Evelyn and I'm a Illustrator!! I love draw characthers and use all the techs (traditional, digital and mixed media) Thanks for this space!! 💜💚

IG: https://t.co/8d0X7YPwqg

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1.- Yamato "Matt" Ishida

He was my first crush UwU

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Hi! Last year I started to paint with inks! I love using them and I hope to do more of this kind this year and learn more! Thanks for this space! 💚🖤

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Caulscott!!! 📷📷

I was 3 years without drawing Caulscott!!! I really like this ship so much UwU

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Grahanscott!! 🔬📷 💚❤

After a long time, I drew one of my favorite ships! I miss very much drawing these two together UwU.

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I'm organizing to finish everything in one week and show everything! So today I start! Thank you very much guys!!! ❤❤

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Hi! My name is Evelyn! I'm illustrator with develop in characthers, comics, storyboard and animatics! Thanks for this space!

Instagram: https://t.co/8d0X7YPwqg
Tumblr: https://t.co/0m39KtAR77

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Take it!!!! Thank you so much!!!

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