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tell me im not the only one seeying this?

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They're half italian, half french mage. Inherited a mystic eye and was part of a similiar experiment to mashu's. Demiservant to the servant Belial. Paired with Gawain but damn they do look around and they are flirtious (so multiship i guess) https://t.co/lsEqxfCjKl

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♥️ #ocxcanonweek ♥️ day2! Dancing
Im late but i really wanted to draw Sophie and Gawain dancing! i tried to reference some medieval dance. Sophie lacks rhytm sense so im sure they'll step on Gawain's feet but they're trying their best for him and he's enjoying himself!

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because i have no clue how to continue this sketch, i'll just leave it like this.

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"please Gawain, dont laugh!"
(he wont laugh but they're still ensecure about it)
it been a while since i wanted to try out Sophie in some traditional clothes, i think they look rather cute

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The glow up this bitch went through during the years...
This is literally the character who made me create Sophie later, for anyone who didnt saw them yet, they're Belial, my sona!

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@sydokiller Hello! Im Fox, i've been into Fate for the past 8 years now! i draw Fate related content on this account, either fanarts, ocs or ocxcanon!

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