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Fox/Beli/Sophie💕FGO stan account💕21↑💕oc x canon supporter 💕🇮🇹
💕Gawain's wife💕
‼️DNI if under 16‼️
💕this is not a spoiler free FGO account💕

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i drew Fairy Sophie with 's Fairy Juquia ;;w;; fairy friends <3

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i ended up making a chaldea staff oc
Her name is Yasu! I think she's part of the group who helps with coordinates and stuff along with Da Binky!
:3 also she is Goredolf's gf because he deserves to be loved.

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i drew Sophie in Wada Arco's style ;;w;; or at least i tried!

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AAAAND la Pulzella Sophie, of course.

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now that the zine is out i can post the piece i made for featuring the man himself and some cute kitties!

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welp, drew Bhima BEFORE going to work

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i am SO going to edit Sophie and Gawain over Fujimarus, Ellie gotta hold her parents hands!!!

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Finally a decent ref for Sophie ;v; also, finally a chance to show their personalised Mystic Code

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i made this design for something and im like BARK BARK BARK UNHINGED FERAL MAN I LOVE HIM SO MUCH MY BABY BOY

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hello sorry for disappearing, have some mystical eyes.

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