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Fox/Beli/Sophie💕FGO stan account💕21↑💕oc x canon supporter 💕🇮🇹
💕Gawain's wife💕
‼️DNI if under 16‼️
💕this is not a spoiler free FGO account💕

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;;w;; trying to join the FGO inktober but because i dont have much time, im just going to post sketches.
Day1 is 1 star, so i drew Mata Hari

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the one with the blondie and the pink haired character is from 2020, the one with the mermaids its from 2022, uwu

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🤷 the content i bring to this account is either gawain stuff or my oc being my source of comedy

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Well. Oc in Ryo style
Also my pc is broken so im waiting to get a new one aaa

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Summer Gaw and Sophie as fanservant duo! Inspired by
Their class is saber and Sophie is the one who fights :3c Gawain is taking a break and looks at them proudly!

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Its mandatory for my account to get a spook every anniversary

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i love how Sophie's bodytype looks here :3c

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