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Fox/Beli/Sophie💕FGO stan account💕21↑💕oc x canon supporter 💕🇮🇹
💕Gawain's wife💕
‼️DNI if under 16‼️
💕this is not a spoiler free FGO account💕

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I decided to join the featuring my mastersona / pseudoservant oc, i picked the theme of Lostbelt 6 because damn that was some intense story
I used 's background <3

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Summer Kiara is finally up! good luck to anyone who will roll for her, may she come to your all

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best girl Kiara will debut in tomorrows even to i had to draw something. Still a wip tho

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Found this old drawing featuring Mordred and i still like it (yes, flamingo-sama is still me LOL)

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sometimes i think i should finish these Grease au pics featuring my sona(s)+ Gawain/Lancelot, then i remember im lazy

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:3c adding sophie to this promo arts was rly fun, also bonus pic with Gawain and Lancelot because i needed to.

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a friend asked me to draw Gawain with my pajama

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