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This is my full artwork for @ainanazines
This was kind of a challenge since I didn't know about the Hoshimeguri story that much. But thankfully I found an amazing partner for this project and was able to create this piece.
#ainanafanart #ainanazine #アイナナ #八乙女楽

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I have 1 slot available for #commissions. If you are interested, you can drop me a DM. ^^
#commissionsopen #artcommissionsopen
Commission info link: https://t.co/w7SWSUMENT

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this is my preview for the @ainanazines!

Please do look forward to the release on Nov. 22!

I'm excited to see the lovely fan arts and fanfics by these amazing people I worked with. 💗

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Does anyone wants a Padoru icon like this? Even tho it isn't Christmas yet. ^^

I'll give a discount for the first 3 people who commission me.

PM is the key!
PHP500 / $10 for each icon. ^^ #FGO #FateSeries #PADORU #animememe #meme #A3Game #YukiA3 #YukiRurikawa #A3GAME #OC #icon

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