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((nb (they/them/he/him, 23, names Shy and I draw kinda) I'm really into Splatoon, Persona 5, Pokemon, FE3H, and Sonic//
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Sonic with a tail wag to keep my woes away

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Daily announcement that


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If you see this, you're obliged to pose your top 3 fictional characters. https://t.co/CvM4fmfjhQ

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Hello everyone! Here's my daily call on loving Piers!!

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Good morning everyone!! I would like to tell about my love for Piers!!!!

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Good morning! I would like to announce my love



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Okie after all that shiny

I would like to announce

My love for Piers!!!

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Good morning!! I'm away but I'm still gonna express my love for Piers!!
Also marry chrimu 🎄🎄🎄

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Buhitter! 検索