Lisaw // 猫耳レオ 🦁さんのプロフィール画像

Lisaw // 猫耳レオ 🦁さんのイラストまとめ

まふまふ 🤍 @uni_mafumafu / ⚜Knights⚜: 月永レオ 🦁🧡 朔間 凛月💤💙 LionheartP / あんスタ沼に落ちた / 同担歓迎☺️ / Eng/Việt/日本語🙆‍♀️

フォロー数:1541 フォロワー数:7687

The thing I love the most about the fine SCR is that the gemstone is white and it changes colors based on the lighting… 🥺

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10 87


He was thinking of his favorite animal…which is a cat and he turned into a cat through hypnosis... CAT BOY LEO IS REAL YOU GUYS.

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Ah… Leo is cold so he wiggles himself into Adonis’s jacket… SOBS.

Why is this story so cute oh my god. LEO IS SO TOUCHY⁉️ Petting Tetora cause Natsume accidentally hypnotized him into being a tiger AND THEN WIGGLING INTO ADOCHIN’S JACKET… 😭

PS Leo can understand tiger.

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He gets wrapped up in Adonis’s jacket… 😭

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Finally home and digesting information. There’s 4 total 5 ⭐️ for this event…I wonder how they will change up the event?

I’m thinking maybe pick one or the other unit route for tour or maybe they might throw the cards into the reward ranking… no idea. Time to wait for stream.

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