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I draw cute stuff & I love cute stuff. Give me 加瀬さん!Demi|Occasional 🔞|Procrastinator|Shy|I love y'all. TALK TO RACHEL!!- Commissions soon!

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@Kyuubeeb Thank you for this opportunity ;w; Hello, I'm Rachel! And I love drawing cute things! https://t.co/fUYPH5zuGE

@elfinheim Hello!! Nice to meet y'all ;w; i am Rachel, and I love drawing cute things!!! Nice to meet you https://t.co/sOAHYQCZGL

@Edenerys HI, I'm Rachel, and I love cute things! (And I like drawing them too ❤️) https://t.co/r8ncvydijL

夏祭りと加瀬さん <3 #あさがおと加瀬さん https://t.co/GuVHUJWNgL


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