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I draw cute stuff & I love cute stuff. Give me 加瀬さん!|Pan|ave;new fangirl|Occasional🔞|Medibang|YURI❤|I love y'all - COMMISSIONS OPEN!!

フォロー数:107 フォロワー数:170

like,i can only find a few drawings that don't deserve to get thrown into a pit of lava x''''D

and um xD art growth.... comparison thingiemabobber.
2007 vs 2019

and another arroz x zhara x3 i love them
a wedding themed drawing

Demon Slayer chibi fanart :3
Tanjiro and his demon sis, Nezuko! I recommend this anime. ;D #kimetsunoyaiba

太陽と加瀬さん #あさがおと加瀬さん

Adult Arrocito.. her early 20's xD
Pratice drawing in a style that i rarely draw in nowadays

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