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Peach and Daisy have a new princess joining them - Juri Han!
My part of an art trade with @kujikawaii

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The next gen of Street Fighter
A power to surpass the Satsui no Hado

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Im happy with how this face came out

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Heya #PortfolioDay
My name is Steven, I'm a freelance illustrator and art instructor in Los Angeles.
I love representational art, animation and video games!

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This was before I learned a bit of Blender, so I had to dust off Scott Robertson's 'How to Draw' book to plan out the perspective of the buildings.

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Happy birthday to Calliope Mori!🎉
Many thanks for all the bangin' music 🙏🏽 #callillust

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Illustration work of Sonic the Hedgehog characters Katella the huntress and Madonna having some fun at the beach

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Collaborated with some awesome artists to recreate the Marvel vs. Capcom poster with the cast of Skullgirls

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