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I like drawing my OCs!!| 25⬆️ She|Her 🐱 mainly art account 👻
Interest: Crazy:B (Enstars) JunaJuna (FGO). Do NOT Repost!!
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I literally can’t draw anymore for today but him 💕
#ひめる #あんスタ #HiMERU

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posting my old art in this acc again because the artblock is real 😭
Arav and Yeri, my children 🤲🏻

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another old art from my old acc but since i havent posted it here? i love drawing my OCs in different clothes
I swear one day i will learn to draw backgrounds 😭

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Happy Birthday HiMERU 💙 You’re the king of my heart, someday i want to see *you* smile the way you make me

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