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art, music, horses.
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Oh I am having a wonderful time with these anatomical drawings of Scooby Doo from the production of Scoob.

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Once again daydreaming about Janna’s potential... This time focusing on her origin as an old Shuriman deity, and combining a lot of qualities of Guardian of the Sands and Sacred Sword skins.

Also... give her fans... let her go whoosh.

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Just... squints for a second.

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Porch / Poach / Porche

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Au revoir you magnificent French bitch.

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Thanks for everything, Daffy.

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My podcast character’s design is about two seasons of drama out of date. So I need to fix that.

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Like, I do not need a reason dictated by logic and reason to explain how these are all the same type of being. For me it is enough to be told these are all just the same concept being explored in different versions of a common mythology.

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Yuumi mains do not have rights. (I am a Yuumi main.)

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