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F 25 yo 🌸 utapri 🌸 翔藍 🌸 A3! ✨ Multi fandom ✨ This is @mayachan46's art account, don't qrt repost or use, thank you! ✨

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Pouty embarrassed Syoko-chan with piyo-chan's plushies! Commissioned by @/kurususim on instagram

Thank you for your patronage! Look how cute he is 💕❤️

Slots are full, and I semi-closed my commission with this last one ✨

Still accept comms request but only if I'm not busy 👌

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✨Comission Open✨

Limited slots, full payment after fixed sketch
Full colors with this style 💜
Details on these pictures, or you can just dm me for more questions!

RTs are very much appreciated!
#commissionsopen #commission #commissions #CommissionSheet

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蘭藍 rkgk

From No More Reason event, this is one of my favorite scene ❤️💜

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I'm doing an art raffle on Instagram! Check it out if you're interested 💕

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SyoAi Tinker Bell AU 💗💜⚒️🧚‍♂️

It's raining and it's not good for their wings

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Self indulgent rough sketch

Ai x Me

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#SweetKiss #来栖翔

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