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#omirie: i love you, most ardently | trey, marius & artem liker | hornton enjoyer | she/they, 21+ | yume acc | a3!, tkrb, tot, twst, paralive | 臣くんかっこいい(反芻)

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i told you i'll make it up to you~ 💝 i'm sorry it's so rushed tho ><
Happy late birthday, Omi! I truly hope there is a word or a phrase more than "I love you." If there is such a phrase or word, u will be the first one to know. 🥰🤎 #伏見臣誕生祭2022 #伏見臣生誕祭2022

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marius precious mornings haver!!! 💜✨️😭🙏

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Two curious six-year-olds meet for the first time.
Happy 200 days to malayatrey/ayatrey my wittle bebis~ 💛💚 #twst_OC #twst_NL #twstファンアート

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[#a3sona , #a3yume , #a3oc]
★A3! Fanmade March Limited BD Scout★
Limited SSR Rie Tominaga《Mankai Memory》will be added to "Premium Scout"!♪

Since the scout is belatedly delivered, a compensation of 315 gems will be given to all of our directors. Thank you! 🌸💗

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shyly drops this one hehe skin color and sideview practice

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Omi tried his best at carolling. Please praise him. 💖
#a3game #エースリー

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"I don't wanna dance, if I'm not dancing with you." 🤎💙
#a3game #a3sona #a3yume #エースリー

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well here is my buttercup redraw 💚
this is the first time i have used csp and so far i am loving it

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