I like drawing and a lot of things!!! 日本語勉強中| | Fate/Grand Order 概念礼装、イラコンのTYPE-MOON賞

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I'm so proud of you!!!🥺MIZUKYUTE

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hi doctor, please take care of my angel Mizuki 🙏 he has a big appetite and plays video games and at the end of your tiring day he will cook delicious food and fetch a blanket for you😍 #アークナイツ

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i drew this for reference too!

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Mizuki I wish you love and fun and lots and lots of yummy food!!! Please be good to doctor!

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Illustrator Plays Own Game Badly and Dies (a thread) #LOSTEPIC

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i reached 18 on the first day yeey!✌️

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#アークナイツ1周年イラスト #Arknights1stAnniv #명일방주1주년

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