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Es/Esther| 20| they/them| Freelance artist Chinese-Indonesian/American Creator| Proship DNI | CEO of Edvera besties ♡ | NSFW: @wiltedviscarias


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Guys would you forgive my little hiatus if I offered you this Luca Balsa doodle from before work

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It's the way she becomes so gentle when she realizes who is at the door. She immediately went into fight or flight upon getting snuck up on... do you think it's because she's weary of how she died?

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Happy #PortfolioDay ! I'm Esther or Es and I am a freelance character design artist!
Here's my information!:
Email: androm.dasss
And here's some of my work!

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More Jujutsu Kaisen things. I'm not a Mei Mei fan but I am a Getou fan. #JujutsuKaisen

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Sometimes I feel like I'm living in a circus. . .
I love Margie....

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Warm-up sketch I did a few days ago ♡ this sweet little neapolitan cat is @myxieneo ^-^ you should follow!

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He has one visible cochlear implant but I'm gonna give him two because I CAN

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