minwoo: im not walking you home because im afraid you cannot go home alone but im walking you home because i want to be with you.

hes being so obvious that he likes onyu but of course onyu doesnt take it seriously😭 she thinks hes only teasing her

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onyu touched minwoo's chest and felt his heart beating so fast sjdjdjdj the doki doki is here!!

minwoo: take a responsibility for it.
onyu: responsibility...?! what for!!
minwoo: you touched my chest, didnt you...:<

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Thank you for inspiration! And thank you for the video! 💜💜💜

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i love this panel so much sooae pls shoot me 🫶 or maybe shoot minwoo first, with a real gun.

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the part when minwoo laughed at onyu's birthday because he thinks it's cute... imagine thinking a birthdate is cute.. he's down bad

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minwoo when he realized that onyu completely has him wrapped around her finger

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the way kwon minwoo looks at park onyu >>>>>>>>>>

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minwoo wants to tease onyu like usual but hes the one who ends up getting red all over his face


4 14

the makeup store's staff told onyu to try the lipstick and called her princess so minwoo added, "thats right, princess. try it on, (this) prince will buy you one."

another episode of me kicking blanket because of kwon minwoo🫠

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Two varieties of one portrait 😁 Minue loves his strawberry milk 🍓💜

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in the past, there was a time when sooae was harassed by other students but minwoo protected him and even went through a beating after telling the mean girls to leave his girlfriend alone. and yes, they were happy... :(

63 628

Jaemin is an office worker and Minwoo is the house husband 💛

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heesung x chaeri & minwoo x onyu

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kwon minwoo also has this ✨kirakira✨ effect around him😭

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kwon minwoo x park onyu ♥️

look at minwoo's manner hand hes truly 10 out of 10 💯

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onyu: it kinda sounds like i'll take advantage of you tho...well its true;;
minwoo: you can take advantage of me as much as you want^^

when he lets her to use him >>>>>>>

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