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World of Illusion Starring Mickey Mouse and Donald Duck released 30 years ago today!

89 583

Prince of Persia: The Two Thrones released 17 years ago today!

29 112

Tales of Destiny 2 released 20 years ago today!

5 11

Game 39 - The Chant

An interesting and inventive take of survival-horror

1 2

Day 6

Most relaxing navigation?

Bit of a weird question, but I'll have go with Ghost of Tsushima. The island is filled with beauty, foxes to pet and thermal baths to reflect upon your actions. Sometimes you can ride for miles and not see a soul. Bliss.

4 22

Game 35 - A Plague Tale: Requiem

Oh my god, what a game. It somehow managed to surpass the original which is no mean feat and a good 75% of the chapters had me like 😭😭😭

This game made my heart bleed

1 17

Just Pikachu with only eyes, mouth and feet

2 30

Shin Megami Tensei first released 30 years ago today on Super Famicom!

16 68