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maybe a bit off at head shoot. so I up the bust up ver.
2013 vs 2020

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sometimes I take those weird req 😂
as long as not lewd req.

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@hika_tsugu SAME ENERGY 😂😂😂😂

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"Starry Session" tribute.
This one suppose to be JunnaNana flasta illustration for "Starry Session"
Thanks for gave me a chance even I still have many lack.
It's my pleasure to draw them. #スタァライト #スタリラ #大場なな #星見純那 #じゅんななな

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Certain AU with my favorite characters.
So forgive me if I keep writing about AU with this dynamic. This my favorite one.

Usually I use B can turn into human or I use some part of the beast such as horns, fangs, and claws.
Other option I make B as werewolf or demon.

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@shroom_forest look like I bring some disaster today.

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