fighting for defi. $eth.🦇🔊🐸. contributing to memefi @intlmemefund

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yeah, still have my clouted doodle, will likely keep it for a long time unless anything particularly upsetting or out of control to me happens

they can drop doodlemap but actions speak louder than words

its is what it is not fudding here

literally just advocated the brand

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SEC protected you against:
- BUSD, a fully backed, regulated stable allowing protection from volatility
- Kraken, solvent transparent exchange with real staking services

SEC allowed you:
- Celsius
- Voyager
- 3AC
- many more with 0 chance of getting money back

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watching coins while stuck losing money in illiquid jpeg bros we dowwnnnn

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I receive a lot of private offers on my one of the top Doodles of the whole collection. There have been 19 Cryptopunks sold at 1,000 ETH or more. Unless you're offering 1000 ETH or more no need to DM me, thanks. ✌🏻

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