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TITANIUM AND RUBY WOOHOOO I literally only drew Ruby once but she is still one of my favorites :DD

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It’s !! Look at my trans girl Ruby she’s gorgeous :3

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His mother got murdered and he died by getting hit by a car trying to save her and they both got brought back as robots by different people https://t.co/7YxRdQuxLz

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Guys the thing that made me start watching lmk was a pretty screenshot of Wukong💀

Specifically this one😭😭

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The two little lines over the nose thingy, it makes em look more squishy :D https://t.co/CfjRAaDY3x

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Bringing her back!! I seriously love my baby and I wish I draw him more TvT

Diamondback Terrapins are the cutest creatures to walk this earth💕💕

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I will never stop fanboying over the shading in this drawing, it’s just so UAGHHHHH it’s so good😭😭

Sad to think I’ll never be able to replicate it 🥲

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