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I saw this game’s trailer before somewhere and I know mihoyo is making it but not sure what the name is~ a game where a Sakura Yae lookalike is the heroine

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Waiting for you with every fiber of my being~ 4.8 can’t come sooner

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I really miss you so much... sadly your game became too demanding to even be able to progress the story which should be possible for even f2ps so I threw it away TwT

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@L_Kuma94 Hehe you’re too nice~ like an Angel.

Still, don’t overdo it~ remember my suggestion? It might be better to lower the number of slots~ make it known to the public that you only will have 3 or 5 slots from now on. That should relieve some stress

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@L_Kuma94 Hehe working almost too hard no? Still, hang in there~

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Ugh this is the worst move ever. Bitch move really. 2 endings basically means there is no true answer to this crap. I’ve been up to date with this manga for so long only to be disappointed at the direction it’s heading. Wonderful. Just wonderful.

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That moment when you watch certain animes and couples talk about doing it. Makes me really wonder. Do all couples really do it? Is it really important to do it at all...? I really hate it and it makes me uncomfortable

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