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🇵🇭 + 🕎 🖤🩶🤍💜 Actor | @AtlasTalent | #Persona3Reload #SuperMarioBrosWonder #FireEmblem #DragonBall #Fortnite | Cons: @PTAppearances | VTuber: @Dapperling

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it attracts FIGHTS

CATCH THESE HANDS 💥🥊💥🥊💥 https://t.co/MLfKxhW8b3

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“Who’s this...? You’ve brought in a new girl to see me today?”

💙🖤 You can hear me as Mitama Yakumo in ! 🖤💙

Puella Magi has a special place in my heart, with gorgeous visuals, beautiful music, and a chilling story. Thank you so much for having me! ✨

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🎂 Happy Birthday !!! 🎂

You may know her as Syntax and Pangu in Freedom Planet, Cordelia in the upcoming title Freedom Planet 2, Dragon Priestess Nox in SMITE, and now USS Columbia in Azur Lane!

Hope you have an amazing birthday, friend!!! 🚢✨

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It is with much FANATICAL enthusiasm that I announce that you can hear me as some of the FEMALE FANATICS all across Thank you very much for having me - I'm honored to be a part of this!!! 🔥💥🌹💥🔥

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💙💚 Happy Birthday to the voice of Cordelia, Syntax, and Pangu in the Freedom Planet series, !!! Hope your birthday was full of cutey kitties and snakey snoots! 💚💙


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🔥 Damn, it feels good to be a 🔥

You can hear me as the voice of the half of in Dragon Ball Xenoverse 2's DLC Pack 7!

This is an absolute honor and I've been screaming internally about it for forever! Thank you so much for having me! 🌸💕

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