Head of Advisory at @HLV_XYZ. Coffee addict, 4 hours sober. Celibate until further notice.

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Pudgy Penguins announced a children’s book.

Never thought 4 year olds would become my exit liquidity.

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Me: NFTs are a novel way to build community through digital ownership and decentralized value creation.


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Justin Bieber will single-handedly save NFTs.

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My new bff has amazing taste. Welcome to the family!

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Please welcome the newest member of my family. We like the Space Cowboys. Yeehaw! 🤠🚀

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Made the biggest purchase of my life. Time to beg my family for forgiveness. Following every ape that comments below! 🍌🍌#ApeFollowApe

Also special shoutout to . I’m part of the 2 best NFT communities. WAGMI.

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Ayo plug walk follow me. You won’t.

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