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Ger/eng 💜 tradi/digital artist / OC Design &👇 Currently obssesion: DR/FE3H/P5/ Fate/Eden's Zero/ Bandori/KNY/ Genshin💕

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Little watercolour drawing of my #OC Akihiko.
Nothing special just wanted to draw with #watercolour again.

My next drawing will be traditional too and with a character from an old show.
#originalcharacter #watercolourartist #traditionalart #sketchbook

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Takanashi Kiara fanart that I planned a long time ago.
I know she isn’t from germany either from austria but I wanted to draw her in a dirndl. 😅
Hope you like it.
#artsofashes #絵ニックス #vtuber #hololive #digitalart #digitalartwork #illustration

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Happy #valentinsday 💕💕💕
Finally I can show an idea I had for a long time in my head. A little bit cliche and corny but I hope you like it! I don’t do comics often so please be nice too me 😅
These three OC's are in a girls gang. #oc #comic #manga #originalcharacter

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Finished version of this little challenge.
I choose of course my fav characters and Bennet for example because he is my strongest character yet.
#genshinimpact #Artwork #digitalart #digitalartist

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My first mxm drawing 🥰, even when it seems not like it because Okino dresses sometimes like a girl. I really like this pairing it is one of my favs from #13sentinalsaegisrim . And ⁦ @NicoB7700⁩ likes it too very much 😌
#vanillaware #fanart #digitalart

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#GenshinImpact #genshinimpactfanart #klee

Birthday present for my younger brother. He owns Klee and she is his highest dmg dealer and helps me when I don’t get to beat some challenges. 😊
#DigitalArtist #digitalart

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@littlemoondraws Hi I am Devi, I love to draw my cute OC's and fanart recently from Genshin Impact. I draw digital and with copics and watercolour.

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@AndresFColl Hi I am Devi which loves to draw. Mostly traditional but now digital art too ! I draw cute girls and handsome guys 😁

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Finally after month ,here is my updated design for my protag Ilya and his #charactersheet .Of course some things will be changed maybe in the future but I am much more satisfied with him now. 3 of my #OC are already in progress.
#originalcharacter #characterdesign #digitalart

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Last Piece of our Xmas challenge! 🎁

Finally it’s schmuhlich's (insta) turn with her #OC Runa !
She did the sketch of course.
My part is the lineart here
@ginasartcorner⁩ did the coloring
And ⁦ @kurichii_⁩ made the background
#originalcharacter #christmasart

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