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⚡️💥🔥 暦がき www 🔥💥⚡️

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✨🌨❄️ RKGK ❄️🌨✨

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✨♥️ Practice sketches! ♥️✨

I thought I’d try to get a feel for this brush I’ve recently become fond of as well as for drawing Ace by quickly sketching him!! I’ll get it down someday, but I really love drawing his hair... And love him in general... 😳🥺♥️💕✨

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@Foervraengd I’ve been doing something kind of similar but I still like including the lower waterline or highlighting what would be the white space between lashes so eyes in my work turn out like this!! 🌟💫✨

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あなた。。。大好きだよ〜 🥺💙🐬✨

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(Bonus eyes because I really love these ones too~ UwU)

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@auntieplant Hello, Rachel!! Thank you for doing this!! 💙✨

My name is Jae and I’m a Filipino-American digital artist/fan-artist!! Blue is my happy color, but I’m learning to venture into other palettes, too~ 💙🎐💎✨

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Biking, beach, and boba date with Ryu, Hoshi, and my beloved Jade!! 🐬💙💘✨

(Plus my darling Trey for our drive home, who Hoshi let me hold and I intend to hold forever... 🥺💚☘️✨)

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