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Artist ✏ ▪ Fangirl 💋 ▪Tenipuri fan 🎾▪ Utapri fan 🎤🎷 ▪ Shawol 💎 ▪ Sone 💗 ▪ ELF 💙

YT account: youtube(.)com/channel/UCfMYwBDA2Y927IgIhZadCCg

フォロー数:234 フォロワー数:53

Now I have both URs for this valentine gacha series 😂

Toki still lost in gacha realm.

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After a decade, this lazy toast drew again 😂 _(:з」∠)_
#MysticTime_Tomohiro_BDay2020 #MysticTime_Tomohiro

My shared baby with @tochi_chio

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Tokiya look so cute but I also wanna burn that shirt cuz it's hurting my eyes 😂💜

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Why did I ended up summoning Reiji-senpai twice?! 😂

Also ren you're such a tease... 😂

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Haven't drawn in a while but I miss my baby Mayumi and Tokiya (even though he refuses to come home on gacha)

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Cecil needs to stop getting lost.

Tokiya after not coming home from gacha for so long finally came home 😂
#shininglive #tammy_sl

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