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Jimothy's the pen name, art stuff is my game! I'm now an animation college student, and an artist in general. I dabble in different mediums, 2D, 3D and more.

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For a while, I've used Clip Studio Paint to clean and color every single frame of my animation. The vector layers very useful.

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Happy Easter!
Here's a quick drawing I drew for the holiday! #EasterBunny #Oswaldtheluckyrabbit #Disney #オズワルド

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It's about time I made something Oswald related. Here's a 3D animation test with a new rig I made!

Audio is from an Epic Mickey 2 cutscene.
#Oswaldtheluckyrabbit #オズワルドラビット #Blender3d #3Danimation

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Another update for Yakko and Zim! This time it's a fully colored GIF!

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Halloween is coming closer than I realized! Good thing I planned ahead- I'm practically done with the animation, even if it's only a couple of seconds...but here's a still frame of what I got!

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What happens when you walk your dog to keep a convincing public image and they smell Bloaty's Pizza?
#InvaderZim #fanart

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Meet Gina Sweetspice, the gingerbread cookie girl!
Her outfit consist of various sweets, including her fruit leather shorts and suspenders, red icing bangs and red licorice hair buns! Drawn in #ClipStudioPaint #originalcharacter #originalart

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