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21 Y/O(She/They/She)! Fakemon/Monster Artist with a Region in Progress! COMMISSIONS ARE CLOSED FOR NOW!

フォロー数:1103 フォロワー数:4018

How about get fucked nerd, anyways check out this sick ass Charizard reboot I drew https://t.co/8j5caVZc6B

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You and your partner pokemon that starts with the first letter of your name https://t.co/MlRpsBjQev

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My taste in Digimon is wayyy different than my taste in Pokémon as you can guess lol https://t.co/G5HqQ3ZNOZ

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4 characters you relate to and let people make assumptions about you

Ermmm… https://t.co/l4JL9UNP5n

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Everyone was so right abt these so have another with my children, I am accepting your assumptions in open arms🙌🏾 https://t.co/gWt26kRRQS

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I was the Digimon fandom’s worst nightmare when I wielded a stylus https://t.co/66iMQWxHyx

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He’s been gender envy ever since I was like 15 lol I love him so much https://t.co/roTSRFA2ur

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