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April 1st was this baby birthday 🥺❤️

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My avatar on The only good thing i can save from the game is her.
Naomi is her name ahahah.

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Special commission i got to draw for some time ago! 🥰🥰
One of my fave oxcanon couples~

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Feb 7th is this queen birthday! 🥰🥰🥰🥰
This is not what i've palled for her, but i just want to say that my activity here is not dead...yet?xD

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Happy late halloween 🎃 I

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I tried the Winx Style and i love how Mako-chan looks<3
Some day i would love to design her fairy forms 🥰🥰

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I’ve never uploaded this here, but my commissions are open! 😊
For the moment i have 2 slots open, if interested DM me❤️

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White is her color🤍
Old art but i did a little update on her hair

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