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Last selfie is who you are on the outside and the last meme you saved is who you are on the inside.

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Happy from Cheren and Flint! Glad Cheren got his EX upgrade last year!

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My new video game typecast seems to be "stylish gremlin."

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When your characters have eerily similar taste in best friends...

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Looking forward to seeing everyone at Anime Lubbock tomorrow! I'll be signing prints and doing panels all weekend long. And don't forget, this will be your first chance to snag your signed copy of my new Kazuki and Future Devil prints!

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THE FUTURE RULES!!! And so does this frightfully faustian Future Devil print from ! He'll be making his debut next month at Anime Lubbock. Hope to 👁 you there! 🔮 😈

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I'm currently in two shows about found families and parenting. In one I'm playing the parent. In the other I'm playing the kid. Life's funny sometimes.

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That's me temporarily subbing in as Nagi in Episode 11 of does a phenomenal job as this eerily chill monster boy, and I did my best to honor his portrayal. Thanks for coaching me, !

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Look what came out today! And just in time for the Halloween season...✒

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