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Production Designer @ Walt Disney Animation Studios. Tweets do not reflect the views of my employer. I’m a hack. She/her.

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I don't even really care about ariana grande, but i think if i had to cast a human rapidash, she's the obvious choice. She should at least cosplay it!🤣🤣🤣

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random warmup, been working in maya this week and needed to draw a little.

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A crop of a painting I’m working on.

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quick kpop music video color study to break up the day.

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I got to be a part of this neat project! DC Women of Action is available now. Written by @SheaFontana, w/ cover art by @heyjenbartel. Here’s one of my pieces, featuring the Birds of Prey! https://t.co/eIbEvBLjaG

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Dug out some out story beat paintings from my Paramount days.

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Today was the first time I didn’t get a headache looking at my computer screen so here is a celebratory wind down Todoroki!

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