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@PuyoPreserver but I do whatever I want, whenever I want. As long as it's Puyo-related. I do stupid edits. PFP by @FuriousTH

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I should've done more with this template.

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I wanna play Star Buncle 64 again.

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I wanted to animate this but Schezo and Arle. But that's too much for me.

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It's Ragnus' birthday, happy birthday, Ragnus!

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Can we talk about the nice dreams the Puyo~n BG artist(s) must've had?

I mean that in several ways. Must've existed sleep in good moods I am very envious of and they must've followed the NiGHTS and Klonoa school of dreamscapes.

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Sig flies a plane

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So I wanna be in a roundtable where we discuss Puyo lore and we're all pretty satisfied. And then at the end someone stands up and yells: BUT HOW DOES Ms. ACCORD FIT INTO ALL OF THIS!?

And then we all leave and feign headaches.

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