She/Her or He/His
RUS/SPA/ENG, Narukami x Genda shipper ✊😔
fandom: inazuma 11, boruto/naruto, the prince of tennis, TES, Witcher

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by the way yes, I still let people in a Twitter circle(?), if you want more shitpost, headcanons and spoilers...welcome ;)

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Why does Hiroto remind me of Knuckles humanization?

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@horocandy THANK YOU SM! 💕💕🤧

On the contrary, it's funny to me from his eye and I want to add a make-up on his eyes... now he looks like a glam rocker hmmmm

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Second request for @BauhausOracle (there will be others soon)
*looks accusingly at the one who eats with a fork*
it's a Greek salad /to be honest, only Sakiyama likes it, Narukami just eats everything/ And Henmi, as usual, was not invited))
#Inazuma_Eleven #イナズマイレブン

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Let's take a look at my useless characters for now? I'm a bit late with requests and I'm very embarrassed...

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Gimme gimme gimme a man after midnight
Won't somebody help me chase these shadows away /I was drawing under this music, it has nothing to do with the post :'D

For you @auratwtwow https://t.co/mm98lBbZFd

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