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I don't hop on too many degen plays but I dig the concept and the art on and snagged a few.

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After weeks of trying to find the right cat for me and with the help of I finally made my way into the fam. Thinking I need to grab a dog next too. Gang Gang.

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Just some beauties in my wallet from One of the OG projects on tezos. Combines chemistry with art. Secondary market always on fire.

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Shibas are adorable and fun. Thinking of giving some to family for xmas to onboard them into NFTs.

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Found some dope Shibes in my wallet just now. This project hasn't finished minting yet and has already donated ETH to various animal shelters to show people they are serious about giving back. Only .03 mint, Check out and their Discord https://t.co/bcFq0VOpPt

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