In the doodleverse expanse, lives SpaceCream Sam, A pastel delight with an interstellar plan. Spreads frozen glee, scooping joy for all, in the galaxy! ✨🍦💫

フォロー数:3962 フォロワー数:4606

ty BT & done it again… 3/3 📦 opened 😬

dino suit 🦖
spiked leather jacket 💥
holo moto helmet 🏍️
coastal classic puffer joggers 🏃🏼‍♂️🏃🏼‍♂️
star glasses ⭐️-⭐️
traffic cone ⚠️

now doods… let’s talk business 🤪

4 79

so good, picked up postie note but found out he had been.. still new dood, new spaceship 🪖🗒️🚀

0 5

ice cream, in the palm of your hand 🍦

5 87