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Hia, I'm Skully.
Your Bro
I make stuff.

Art Tag #Sinfulskulls
Nsfw art #SkullSins

🔞18+ Minors DNI

Rig: @sirislystreams


フォロー数:815 フォロワー数:5656



If you make an emote with a character biting a heart I need you to pls credit me.

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Closing in on the final hours of FF4 care to join me?

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Post 4 characters that make you horny and let people make assumptions about you!

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Post 4 characters you relate to and let people make assumptions about you! https://t.co/GiLT9PxGo7

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Favorite bits where the body hair, different clothes, the fact that the vest has so many of the things I love represented as patches, and my mourning band tattoo for my cousin who passed very young. The body type is obviously not accurate...yet, I'm still training to get there!

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Happy to share that I worked on Em's Reactive PNG's and her Chibi L2D! https://t.co/WzhwsVEeDD

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Me trying to script, edit, tweet, work on art coms, work on redebut stuff, stream, plan/draw new merch, plan collabs, figure out 400 in rent money before the 1st, apply for part-time jobs, AND trying to maybe, just maybe make time for myself.

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It was a long and grueling fight. The heros barely standing, their energy almost completely spent.

They had done it. They had shattered the visor and could finally gaze at the visage of Armageddon itself.

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