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Hello! This steP's official twitter! come by to check for fun art!

discord: Ste-P(NPC)#0105 (DM first if adding!)

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or at the very least to have former Reisen as a playable character again

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I don't mean to brag, but sometimes when I think of or talk about certain media stuff - they sometimes reappear as reboots or rereleases, etc. xD

so if I could make it work just this once... I am manifesting a playable Reisen (current Reisen) in one of the games

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I truly hope nothing will stop me from getting my friday leave. I just want to explode sometimes at how afraid that I might not get it even because of all these pop up random events at work smh

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Nazrin for a day because it's silly day

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like even just a small "haha" or smth, it's all worth it other than just my general love for art

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