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Hope I'm not late to the party.❤

Happy OTP wedding anniversary!

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Today is the day when I could finally show everyone this soulful art made by the talented: @sechartpechart ❤️

Message her for commissions.👍

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For my dear friend, Lotus, for Secret Santa 2022.😊

PROMPT: Yoh cleaning Anna's face after they escaped from a mine zone.

He is only trying to clean her, okay? Please believe me.🤭🤭🤭

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Last year and this year. Happy birthday to our beloved bebe son.👼🏻

(1st photo referenced from Shaman King Flowers Vol.2, Chap.6)

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If Asakura Hana was a real boy.;)

Happy happy birthday to our handsome gremlin son! All you aunties and uncles are just here, anticipating all your idiot moves through the end of your journey.xD

Now, shall I draw the mama and the papa, too?;3

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@huntedwitch_art Hello, I am TSUN, I have been obsessed with S.K. for almost 2 decades now, and is a certified OT3 (YohxAnnaxHao) agenda supporter. I also write fiction to satisfy my cravings, and I have a fat cat named Yoh.😙

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I’m back, binches!!😈

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Digi-art practice with colouring. I am very lazy to clean-up and polish now. xD

Referenced from "Soul Salvation Flowering Period" which left all of us destroyed. Haha!

Feedback and tips are welcome. Thank you!

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So here I was saying I’d flip if Yoh ends up with a lock but HOT DAMN, we got 2 KEYS and ONE LOCK!😳

Yoh and Anna has the keys to the king’s heart, ya’ll! Thank you very much.😍😍😍

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