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🌹 Artist || Punster || Eng/Esp || English Failology and Graphic Designer || Cats and red roses are my life 🌹|| Avatar by @NothatHeroArt

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I got ghost type!!
(hhhhhh so hard to chose!)

Reply to get a pokemon type!! https://t.co/oO0j5k8hjs

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The other day I did this ornament of my trainer to hang it... Anywhere I guess. Now #ViserLeagueTournament is full once again of everyone's pretty trainers and they're really heartwarming to see 💖💖💖

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Hi hiii~ Happah Holidays~ ✨

This is my present for @Puppins2 , for our Secret Santa at @ViserLeague !
#ViserLeagueTournament #SecretPuggy

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Omg. I opened Utapri and had a super good feeling, so I pulled on the current gacha to see if Masato would come.... And he did. Twice. With friends. 💖💖💖

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@Bara_Izu Thanks to @Robinthephoenix for the tag!! Now I bonk you up to get those 2k, Izu!!

Hey there, Tsura here! I draw ocs and fanarts, on traditional and digital mediums! Lots of pokémon lately

friendly tagging @aiixen_ @HiddenHope44 @Slooshie2 @ABottleOf_Rum @EeveeVSHoOh

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Thanks, Sept! 💖

I'm Tsura and I draw OCs, Fanart, 4komas, or whatever comes to my mind! Traditional or digital! Chibi or Full! Always hoping to bring you a smile with them!

Tag tag~ @Robinthephoenix @EthirePyrus @kiravera8 @KimiKo_Yokoyami @sextant0yulij https://t.co/f6YIT7hkRF

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Pulled for the old times and Ren came to say hi 💕

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After a long year without being able to play.... 🌟🌟🌟🌟

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"Wouldn't it be nice to summon a shiny Ho-Oh? Yet, who I want to see the most again is the same one I met a long time ago... Meanwhile, I'll try to shine as much as them!"

My pokémon trainer, wearing her dancing clothes, inspired on a shiny Ho-Oh! ✨ #ViserLeagueTournament

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