i like: a3ders, bantsumu & hisohoma (soft), doodling. occasional non-a3 tweets

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drew a sakuya for spring vibes 🌸 was experimenting with eyes!

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HAPPY BIRTHDAY SAKUYA my sunshine I love you so much baby!!!😭

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Managed to squeeze out a rough doodle for Hisoka 🙇❄️

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Late happy birthday Sakyo, our best dad. We love you 😚

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Late happy birthday to Omi! Comfy akigumi hours 😊

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Happy birthday Taichi! A very good boy, please have a very good time

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Very late happy birthday Juza, I hope you enjoy your cake 🥰

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I'm late but I love you

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A little late happy birthday to our sweetest prince! 🍰

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