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2020 vs 2017

I am *pleased.*

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Let me just sliiiiide this boy over. >u>

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@littlecuppajo I have 2. Rylani, protector aasimar born to elven parents in Silverymoon, a bit of an outcast b/c *no pigment at all*. Quiet, dutiful, generally good.

Devele. Protector aasimar born to a harlot, protected other kids, kicked out when she wouldn't behave & perform as instructed.

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Trying out a new style before going to bed (because I really need to expand my style repertoire) and doodled my white mage from my game earlier this evening (last night? whichever, lol)

We'll see where I can go with this, LOL

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I am now sitting at the head of the bed. He has followed me and trapped me here.

Welcome to how it is trying to sleep with this one *and* my husband next to me.

We need a bigger bed, but idno if that would actually solve anything.

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Dropping some tasty Sabastian doodles (because I can). I call them Boyfran Version, Fabio Version, and Young Study Version. #Nordane

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@DeyVarah @FrostFrmFire I did this for my turn-around with one of my characters, as well. :o It's my favourite trick. :D

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@AtkinsonBrent @jacobhunni I used CSP to draw and colour the one side of my face.

It's all drawn by hand. :)

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Also, I appreciate @canadapostcorp's humour.

This was on a flat rate box. 😂

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