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Eilige/Female/15th August. Rhythm game/RPG/Artist/Archevist/Pop'n Music.
I'm an innocent girl who loves rhythm games, RPG and soft boys.
💖 Poto, Sofus💖

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I drew my OC, Lotte knitting a long floor mat (or a blanket). Lotte loves knitting and drawing, and she often does knitting during her spare time.

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Uno's birthday was yesterday, but I still drew him for his birthday.

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このお菓子が可愛い、エミリー描くことにシました! ✨ #エミリースチュアート生誕祭2021 #エミリースチュアート生誕祭

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今日は、いちごの日! ミュウイチゴ描くことにしましたの~! #いちごの日 #東京ミュウミュウ #TokyoMewMew

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I drew Cheerleader Cookie in one of her outfits for a drawing challenge on Discord! #CookieRun #クッキーラン

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I drew Jam, Slash and Tommy from Snowboard Kids making a snowman together~

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I drew Sorbet Shark from Cookie Run in their shark (?) form! Their form looks really cool. #CookieRun

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Before the year ends, I wanted to share this little animation I did of my OC, Henriette I did for my class a few weeks ago.

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