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26 y.o. Arknights player and Utapri preacher, draws decent artwork. Yume tag is #creamyu Don't follow if you are a minor. Racists, antis, xenophobes DNI.

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Reiji: Myu-chan what are you doi-- o-oh, reading a bedtime story for that lil beast, eh? Aight, I'll leave you two aloooone~

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Iconic art more like iconic tweets for me lmao

But yeah this should be my more iconic art

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Extremely late birthday art but what matters is the experience right? Right??? Anyways happy birthday Ai my bestie and kinnie #utapri_ai_BD2023

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What if he desires not for chocolate, but...

Valentine's art 2/2 is finally done! Happy Valentine's day, Camus! Let's discover more of this world and of us.💙💝 #creamyu

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"Wherever you go, you still have a place in my heart. This red string of fate will not disappear even after countless trials and tribulations."

Valentine's art (1/2?) Past life Creaky with Hebigami because Hebigami makes my heart go uwuwuwuwuwuwu #creamyu

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Creaky keeps challenging Camus to Hanetsuki, but it's obvious who's the winner for each match. Better luck winning against him next year Creaky
#creamyu #utapri_camus_BD2023 #カミュ_BD_2023

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My first pocky piece done under 3 hours but idk maybe I'll redraw it lol #creamyu

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