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We need more #precure EDs sung by the Cures themselves!!

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Cure Parafit literally has one of the prettiest designs in #precure.

You know, I just realized I say this about almost every Cure... my point still stands though.

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The shining stars of our universe 🌟🌟 #precure

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Starting off the day with some Cure Yell because she is such an amazing character!! #precure

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Would you want another card suit themed #precure season?

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Random #precure fun fact.

Did you know they sold Cure Black and Cure White themed shoes???

I certainly did not know!! I only found out right now...

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okay but this is adorable. #precure

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Oh man, Kiratto Prichan Season 3 has some gorgeous Blu-Ray Art... maybe I should get around to finally watching season 3... #prichan

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Best power-up outfits in the franchise imo. #precure

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