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Beware of the legendary duo!!

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Been watching Wedding Peach recently, and despite its slow start, it's gotten really good. I've only seen 20 episodes though, so let's see if it can keep being an amazing show!!

Must say though, I can see the Sailor Moon inspiration and I kinda love it...

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Finished watching Aikatsu!

It was fun watching one episode every day since October! Plus, going back to the franchise's roots was just nostalgic.

Even tho I didn't enjoy Akari Gen as much as I did when it aired, I still adore its music and cast 💗

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Black and White are iconic as a duo, but let's not forget Shiny Luminous either 👀

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Just occurred to me that Kinako and Haruka share the same birthday 💛💗

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With glasses, or without glasses?

I must say, the Fresh girls really know how to pull off the glasses look.

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Today I present to you... some amusing Tsubomi facial expressions

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