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Current progress on my Lucoa 3D model:
Re-adjusted/updated the other costumes, added some details and started to work on the remaining textures.

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And of course, Moon and Mars join the party.
Now that the 5 have new hair and faces, is time to work on their "corrupted" costumes

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Sailor Mercury (Mizuryu Kei style) was the first model I uploaded this 2022
As I'm on a sort holiday, I wanted to see how much my style has changed this year, just for fun

BTW instead of the doujinshi, I'm using a recent illustration of Ami by Mizuryu as reference this time

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Model finished!

Only thing that remains are the preview renders.
Hopefully I can upload her this week
#b3d #3dmodeling #スレイヤーズ

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It took a while but Lina's fully rigged!
I still need to do the facial expressions and fix the body texture as I changed the geometry quite a bit and now it's broken on many places XD
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The main point of this update was to improve the profile of the face, as older versions were a little... let's say... not optimal
Combined with the updated shader, I'm pretty happy with the new version so far

Hopefully I can finish her this week!
#b3d #3dmodeling #スレイヤーズ

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Don't mind me, just making my annual update to Lina's 3D model. At this point, it became a tradition xD

Apart of remaking some clothes, the main change is a far better shaped body and face that works much better when looked from a profile view
#b3d #3dmodeling #スレイヤーズ

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3D Model of Roll(s) and Tron Bonne

Free download/ダウンロード:

Please ❤️/🔁 if you liked it!
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