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co-founder @doodles

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okay it's been 1-week and i've officially seen in barcelona, in a helicopter, in 3D, mashed up / remixed with other NFT collections, and now surfing.

and we have a discord band now by the amazing .

ya'll are actually amazing. https://t.co/nLnH6CRZVY

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ur just gunna scroll on by without saying howdy?

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Garbage Day by in all its gif glory

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My latest edition to

The ol' T-Block 🕹️

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A second added to my collection! Thank you! 👩🏻‍🚀🚀🛰


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Genesis 1/1 from new project

shitty red 1/1 from ’s shitty emojis


Unencrypted 9280 by

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If you followed along — I had tried to build a different feed than any other crypto projects imo.

- launched a partnership with to raise $10K+ for special needs pets

- raised $10K+ for / with "Honu Kitty"

- led up the collab

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