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Hpmi characters doing things. Inspired by various anything bots

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Sasara is leaving Hypnosis Mic to join the cast of Bang Dream! Girls Band Party

32 100

I love Kujaku Posse I want to put them in a blender

6 12

Rei: hi. um. you're such a scrunkly scrimblo a little. spoingle maybe even a mipy
Rosho: a what

12 33

Sasara asks Ichiro why Nemu calls them babygirl

20 87

Ramuda Clones are currently eating Rio's Survival Cooking!

2 18

Ichiro is in your walls

11 49

Jiro just saw Ichiro and Nemu kissing!

22 86

Hitoya blocked Matenro on twitter!

21 71

The Dirty Dawg were pushed off a cliff by Otome

16 80